Gary Chambers
About Us

garyI did not grow up in a business or a real estate environment. I grew up on a farm. My parents did not talk about investing, finance, or business.  My parents focus on hard work and doing what you love every day and getting work done because it matters to you.

I am a people person.  I believe in the power of attraction and a positive life.   I decided to get into selling real estate because I love to work hard, I’m good at selling and I love a challenge.  I believe that there will always be demand in occupations that provide essentials for living.  I choose to make a living for my family by providing essentials of food from my farm and shelter for my clients. 

I had never purchased real estate with a REALTOR® prior to getting into the industry.   My first land purchase as a farmer, was over a hand shake and a trip to the lawyers.  I now realize that I was fortunate to have such a simple and effortless transaction as my introduction to investing in property.  My second experience in real estate was with a real estate “salesman” who took advantage of my parents’ honesty and trust.  It was both of these transactions that formed the model for the business I wanted to create, once I set my mind on a career in real estate. 

I am very good at selling and negotiating.  They are skills I was born with, but I am not a “salesman”.  I am in the business of marketing and educating in real estate.  I believe in guiding clients to make informed decisions on pricing and purchasing real estate, which allows them to have comfort in a transaction. It is my role to support those decisions with the facts, the numbers and a professional opinion of the market.

I work hard every day to have balance in my life.  I have built systems into my business that allow me to do that without compromising customer service and productivity.  I think that the team structure that Kim and I have created is much more that two people managing files, but rather two different, but complementary personalities striving for a level of service that exceeds expectations.  

My job is fun, my clients are friends, and I will continue to help friends buy and sell property for as long as I have a passion for it. 

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