Battling the Winds in Bankview


When our family moved to the outskirts of town from our "inner-city" home, we adored seeing the stars every night, hearing the birds/frogs/crickets chirping, and the overall quietness that this new neighborhood brought.  What we didn't realize is, that without a lot of other development, and the way the hills/burms are, we have to battle significant winds frequently.

Let's start by saying, I hate wind.  I lived in Lethbridge while I completed my degrees and I got my fill.  Don't get me wrong, a slight breeze is welcome- keeping the temperatures mild and the mosquitoes away, but I despise the 80-100 km winds that tend to riffle through my back yard.

The first victim of the windy backyard was our bbq.

There goes the BBQ

The winds picked up and blew it over!  The doors smashed, the handle broke off, the grills split in two, and there were ashes everywhere.  Thankfully, our warranty was amazing and Broil King sent us replacement parts.  The other problem with wind and BBQs is lighting them!  I end up cooking inside a lot of nights.  We have remedied this situation by using tie-down straps to hold our bbq upright.  So far, so good!

The second major casualty of our winds was our patio table.

Patio Table

We had just purchased a new patio set this spring.  I didn't even consider the winds.  Our last table had the glass table top under the rattan edging.  That is definitely something to consider!  This one had the glass in-set into the table top, but with nothing "holding" it in place.  One wind and smash!  1,000,000 pieces of glass.  We hadn't even had one meal at this new table so I was really disappointed.  I looked for a replacement table, but they were as much as a new set.  So, I decided to look around our garage for ideas.  We have done several tile projects over the year and have quite a collection of left over tiles.  So, one afternoon, my daughter and I decided to come up with a pattern to tile the top.  We had my husband cut a piece of plywood to fit the table and then we started in on the design.

It was really hot that afternoon, and our tile saw was no where to be found, so we were limited.  We had to come up with a design that required no cuts (ok, I was being cheap and lazy- not wanting to buy another saw for this project).  After a few attempts, we were successful.  Now we have a "tile topped" table.  Not necessarily my favorite style, but heavy enough that the wind can't tip it over!

Tiled Table Top

(writing blog while waiting for thinset to dry...still have to grout!)

I have since invested in some windscreen for our deck.  I've researched on line, went to countless home improvement stores, and without completely re-doing our railing system with glass instead of rails (the cost and thought of cleaning were both downsides), there were few options.  Then I found!  They offered a railing weave that was a decent price, easy to install, and cost me about $300 to do the back and front decks.  It has definitely helped the wind situation when seated.  And, it hasn't obstructed our views. (You can see it in the background in the above photo.)

It's been a process, but slowly and surely, we are finding solutions to being able to enjoy the outdoors, even in the wind.  And we can't wait for a few more neighbors.  Give Gary Chambers (403-820-2121) or myself a call for more information on building in this great new community of Bankview Estates in Drumheller.